Yoga with Phil Free

“In yoga poses, the concentration of the mind fixes your consciousness into a single stream of attention, and at the same time, the combination of muscular effort throughout the body fixes a physical focus. This practice of focus enables you to assert yourself over your body and mind”. (Adapted from BKS Iyengar)

A Yoga Alliance RYT 500 qualified teacher with deep experience of Hatha yoga and its applications, Phil teaches classes for all ages and fitness levels, using thorough yet concise explanations of how to enjoy yoga poses and how to develop peacefulness both within and outside the yoga class. 

Phil aims for softness in his approach.  While respecting the discipline and intensity of the yoga styles he is inspired by (particularly Ashtanga and Iyengar), he emphasises mutual respect and meditative focus in classes.  Also, Phil takes care to acknowledge differences in individual learning styles and body types, and has deep respect for Western as well as Indian models of education and physical well-being. 

Phil's inspiration has come from varied schools of yoga, and reflects his practice and learning with a wide range of highly respected teachers worldwide, finding inspiration from the following styles:

  • From Iyengar yoga, focus through precision, stability and support.
  • From Ashtanga yoga, focus through flow.
  • From Anusara yoga, focus through concise models of anatomy and movement, and freedom of physical expression.
  • From traditional Hatha yoga, focus through the holistic application of yogic  principles.
  • From Yin yoga, focus through stillness, depth and mindfulness.
  • From the classic yoga literature, focus through discipline, cleansing, earnestness and equanimity.

On the subject of religion, it should be noted that Yoga comes from a Hindu tradition, and can be practiced in a religious way. On this subject, it should be noted that Phil is not a Hindu, but has deep respect for the Indian roots of yoga, and did considerable training in India.  His classes are designed, however, to be open to all, and chanting, religious symbolism and spiritual references are therefore not included.  It is hoped that through meditation and focus development, that students will be inspired to explore elements of spirituality and mindfulness in their own way and according to their own religious principles.